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Monroe County Circuit Court
106 E First St.
Monroe, MI 48161

The Circuit Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in Michigan. It has jurisdiction over all actions except those given by state law or federal law to another court. The Circuit Court has original jurisdiction in all civil cases involving more than $25,000 and in all criminal cases where the offense is a felony or certain serious misdemeanors.

The Circuit Court also hears appeals from District Court, from local government boards (i.e. zoning appeals), and from certain administrative agencies of state government (i.e., Driver's License Appeal Division of the Secretary of State). The Family Division of the Circuit Court handles all domestic relations cases, including Personal Protection Orders, and handles all child protective proceedings (child neglect and abuse cases) and juvenile delinquency cases.

Michigan Supreme Court Order Bans Weapons from Court Facilities.

Circuit Judges & Staff
Family Division
Judicial Chart
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Monroe Country District Court
106 E First St.
Monroe, MI 48161

District Court, with which citizens have contact more than any other court, has exclusive jurisdiction of all civil litigation up to $25,000 and handles garnishments, eviction proceedings, land contract and mortgage foreclosures, and other proceedings. In the criminal field, the District Court handles all misdemeanors where punishment does not exceed one year, including arraignment, setting and acceptance of bail, trial and sentencing, and conducts preliminary examinations in felony cases.

A small claims division for civil cases up to $3,000 is provided in District Court. In these cases litigants agree to waive their right to a jury, rules of evidence, representation by a lawyer, and the right to appeal from the district judge's decision. If either party objects, the case will be heard by the general civil division of the District Court. A PDF file is available regarding Information on Starting A Small Claims Suit.

District judges may appoint magistrates. Magistrates may set bail and accept bond in criminal matters; accept guilty pleas; and sentence for traffic, motor carrier, and snowmobile violations and dog, game, and marine law violations. The magistrate may also issue arrest and search warrants authorized by the prosecutor or municipal attorney. Attorney magistrates may hear small claims cases. Magistrates may, at the direction of the chief judge, perform other duties allowed by statute.

District judges are elected for six-year terms on non-partisan ballots, under the same requirements as Circuit judges. The legislature sets their salaries, which may be supplemented by local governments.


Monroe County Friend of the Court
The Friend of the Court's Office is a staff arm of the Circuit Court. It is employed to make investigations of divorce cases involving minor children, family support, paternity, and URESA actions, where there is the issue of child support, spousal support, and/or alimony. The purpose of investigating cases is to enable the Circuit Court, through the recommendations of the Friend of the Court, in setting the issues of child support, spousal support an/or alimony.

The Friend of the court is responsible for the enforcement of providing support for the minor children along with the receiving, processing and transmission of all court ordered funds. The Friend of the Court also provides marriage counseling services prior to action on pending divorces to assist in possible reconciliation. This office provides referee services on support issues which allows many cases to be resolved which normally would have gone to court, allowing the Circuit Court to use its time for more difficult cases.

For more information regarding the Friend of the Court view the Monroe County Friend of the Court Handbook (PDF) or email Friend of the Court.

Monroe County Probate Court
Monroe County Probate Court106 E First Street
Monroe, Michigan 48161
Fax 734-240-7355
Hours Monday - Friday 9:00AM - Noon and 1:00PM - 5:00PM

Mission of the Monroe County Probate Court

It is the mission of the Monroe County Probate Court to serve the public, protect the rights of individuals, interpret and uphold the law, and provide a fair,
accessible, and responsive forum for the resolution of civil matters.

Authority of the Monroe County Probate Court

The Probate Court is part of the judicial branch of government and ultimately under the supervision of the Michigan Supreme Court. The Probate Court is created by the State of Michigan Constitution, Article VI, Section 15 and is the oldest court in Michigan.


The Probate Court Judges and the court staff are committed to working collaboratively with the Monroe County Board of Commissioners in the interest of the citizens of Monroe County on the issues of court operations, efficient delivery of services, and the shared goals of the court and the county.


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